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Every beautiful girl living in the United States can be a good model. Bubblegum casting company recruits cute and pretty girls for this profession. Yes, there is no need of any experience or of a modeling portfolio. We hire those girls of the United States who have never been models in their lives. For becoming a model , you just need to be beautiful and smart. Modeling is not a very tough job.
Our photographers are highly professional and they know how to speak with confused and beginner models. You will be treated like an asset of our company and there will be no issue in working for us. We have set a simple criteria for selecting models your age. You must be between 18 to 22 years of age to become a model in our company. We will pay you before any shooting takes place and in the meanwhile all instructions would be given to you about the job.
We are not like those companies which do not brief their models accordingly. We explain everything about the modeling and try to make the experience pressure free. All the people working in our company are highly educated and know how to communicate with a beginner. You should apply without taking any insecure concepts into account. If you are determined enough , you can be a good model.

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