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13 Fashion Trends That Lasted Way Longer Than They Should Have

13 Fashion Trends That Lasted Way Longer Than They Should Have

Despite the fact that they’re inherently short-lived, some fashion trends manage to hang on, lingering in our closets for much longer than they should. Below, a list of trends that are still going strong… even though, in our humble opinion, their moment was over about five minutes ago. Have you ditched these yet? Boyfriend Jeans

Who Are You Wearing: Fashion’s 39 Most Popular Brands

A few weeks ago, powerhouse men’s style blog Four Pins published a study that attempted to answer an age old question: what are the most popular fashion brands in the world? Previous attempts to answer this question had focused solely on sales figures. The problem with that metric, however, is that it neglects to account reviews

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Secrets of the world’s most fashionable women

Walking the streets of the world’s leading fashion capitals — New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo — one might expect to see women strutting sidewalks in the most avant-garde of outfits. After all, these women have access to the most creative fashion minds on the planet, said Eva Chen, editor of Lucky magazine. But what you